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Shell Script to Tail Today’s Syslog-NG logs

Shell Script to Tail Today's Syslog-NG logsHere is a simple shell script (one-liner) to automatically start tailing today’s syslog-ng logs for a single device.

Shell Script to Tail Today’s Syslog-NG logs

Laziness is powerful, so if you are tired of typing the full path to today’s syslog-ng log files, for your device, here is a simple method to use it. You will need to change the IP Address to the address of your device (or hostname, if applicable).

tail -f /Logs/firewalls/`/bin/date +\%Y`/`/bin/date +\%m`/`/bin/date +\%Y-%m-%d`.log

If you like a little color, when displaying your logs, here is the same example using colortail instead of tail.

colortail -f /Logs/firewalls/`/bin/date +\%Y`/`/bin/date +\%m`/`/bin/date +\%Y-%m-%d`.log

Enjoy logging in and running ./logtail.sh instead of typing in the full command line every time!


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