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Fetchmail and Procmail with Spamassassin and ClamAV

dovecot full text search fts

I need to pull mail from my internet hosting provider into my internal IMAP server. This formula requires an IMAP server (in my case Dovecot), and running fetchmail (to get the mail from the hosting server), procmail (to move the process the mail, then get it to the proper Maildir). Procmail will also need to have Spamassassin, ClamAV and Clamassassin ...

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Gamin with Courier Imap

I just wasted my entire day fighting an issue I thought was a courier-imap or courier-imap-ssl 4.10 authentication issue in Debian. It turns out it was a Gamin package error. If I killed the Gamin process I could temporarily log back in. My fix? Uninstall Gamin and then ‘apt-get autoremove’. This will likely remove all your imap packages too (good). ...

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