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Goodbye, iPhone. Hello, Droid!

After 2 years of bad cellular service and having to deal with a locked down cell phone platform and proprietary software to sync MY data, MY pictures and MY contacts, I decided it’s time to break free.

I dumped the cellular carrier (ATT), paid my early termination fees for my service and my wife’s too, and headed over to Verizon to score a couple Motorola Droids and some Verizon cell service.

Initial thoughts on the Droid: I love it!

Why I love it:
No proprietary software to sync my songs and data. You plug in the phone to your PC and it appears as a removable harddrive. I can drag and drop music and movies right to my phone. Booyah!

mp3 ringtones (not m4r files, duh).

SD card memory storage (comes with 16GB, upgradeable to 32GB).

A 5MP camera with a flash, bonus points, there’s a for real, physical button on the side of the phone so I can take pictures. Just like a real camera! To top it off, it does Video also. DVD quality video recording, right on the Droid.

Slider with keyboard, I can use the touch screen keyboard or the slider keyboard, convenient and great!

GPS and GPS navigation, free and fantastic!

Google integration: Gmail, Picassa, Voice, etc.

Droid does….oh yes, it really does.

I am so glad to have UPGRADED!

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  1. please wait for a good two-three minutes. not even kiiddng. and if i need to make a call, i will push buttons half way threw it, it will freeze up, then unfreeze, then shut down. and another thing, the notification led light keeps blinking even when i have no new SMS or email.

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