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Google Command Line Tools (googlecl) picasa script

terminalI am in the process of migrating my Gallery install to Google Picasa (or Google+ Photos, if you will). I love that fact that I can run Google Command Line Tools on my linux box to export my pictures, but I got tired of typing.

Google Command Line Tools (googlecl) picasa script

I had to type this for every album:
2013-March> google picassa create –title “2013 March” –tags “2013, March” *.jpg
2013-March> google picasa post -title “2013 March” –tags “2013, March” *.JPG

Then I got to thinking, how about a simple shell script to run Google Command Line tools and fill in the values I needed. Genius, sheer genius, or Lazy, sheer lazy….


for X in January February March April May June July August September October November December
        [ “$MON” = “$X” ] && break
        M=`expr $M + 1`

#echo “Month number is $M”

google picasa create –title “$2-$M $1” –tags “$2, $1” *.jpg
google picasa post –title “$2-$M $1” –tags “$2, $1” *.JPG
# End of script

Now all I have to do is change directory into the folder with the pictures for March 2013 and run this:
2013-March>  googleup.sh March 2013
Once I run that the script above creates a new album called “2013-3 March” then uploads all *.jpg files to it. Once that has completed it uploads all the *.JPG files to the existing directory of “2013-3 March” that it created in the step prior.
A simple shell script to help the lazy!

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