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Installed Ubuntu Desktop 10.10 today

 I had my laptop’s hard drive fail today. It’s been going out for a while, but I had convinced myself that I could fsck the drive and fix it…over and over and over again.

 After I replaced the hard drive with a spare I had lying around, I couldn’t find the Ubuntu 10.04 disk that I had burned during my last round of installs. I headed online to look for the Ubuntu iso and wouldn’t you know it, 10.10 was out.

“10.10”, you say? What magical marvelous goodies are there in store for me? I’ll bet lots of new apps and hardware support. Yay.

Let me tell you dudes with the b43legacy wifi chips, you’ve got some challenges in store. I was used to b43-fwcutter asking me if I wanted it to automatically download the firmware I needed. This didn’t happen. I had to grab it and then run b43-fwcutter against it manually. Some upgrade 🙁

I’ll let you know how other parts handle, but so far it does seem a lot slower on my 1.6GHz laptop though.

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