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Package management goodness Debian style

After being a RedHat user until about 2002, which is about the time of Redhat 7 or 8, I decided I didn’t want to play the RPM game any more. You know the game, “Dependencies, dependencies, Oh Gosh no, DEPENDENCIES!” Why must I download a bunch of stuff just to install an RPM, and heaven forbid you installed a package ...

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Cloning a hard disk to a smaller hard disk

I have 2 identical laptops. One had a hard drive failure and I had to replace the 80 GB disk with an extra 60GB disk  that I had lying around. I wanted to clone Laptop A to Laptop B. I had a working install of Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic and so far I dislike how Ubuntu 10.X (10.04 and 10.10) runs on my ...

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