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Computer Speakers with Multiple Inputs

Computer Speakers with multiple inputs

Computer Speakers with Multiple Inputs, now you can link multiple computers to one set of speakers and a single set of headphones!

Computer Speakers with Multiple Inputs

If you’re like me, you probably have more than 1 computer at your desk. I have a Mac Mini and a Debian Linux computer one mine.  I connect a monitor to each, then share a single mouse and keyboard between them using Synergy.

Until now I was unable to listen to audio without unplugging my speakers or headphones and moving them to the other computer. Lame!

If I can share one keyboard and mouse, seamlessly, between 2 computers, why is there no method for me to have multiple audio inputs (without a full blown stereo receiver).

After much searching I finally found a set of speakers with 2 inputs, the Logitech Z200 sound system. It has an extra plug on the front for a 2nd audio input. Now to switch between my audio, I have to unplug the 2nd input, that’s plugged into the front of the speakers, but I don’t have to crawl down under my desk. An added bonus, these speakers have a headphone plug on them, so I can leverage my headphones between 2 computers. Bonus!

I’m sure there are more Computer Speakers with multiple inputs, out in the wild, but I haven’t found them yet. Once I do, you can bet that I’ll update this post!

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