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Nagios Bluecoat connection monitor

nagiosNagios Bluecoat connection monitor






Nagios Bluecoat connection monitor


# A unixsamurai script by John Beck 02-27-2010
# OpenSource, GPL yada yada, use it if you will
# but release the changes back into the wild so
# we can all benefit from it!
# This should be in your /usr/local/nagios/libexec folder
# and added to /usr/local/nagios/etc/commands.cfg
# nagios-bluecoat-connections $HOSTADDRESS
# you can run this from command line with the IP
# example:
# nagios-bluecoat-connections


CONNECTIONS=$(/usr/bin/wget -q -O – –user=$USER –password=$PASSWORD –no-check-certificate “https://$URL:8082/TCP/Connections” | cat |grep Summary |awk ‘{print $4}’)


# We’re ok
if [ $CONNECTIONS -lt 13500 ]; then
exit 0

# Uh oh, starting to get high, let’s enter Warning
if [ $CONNECTIONS -lt 14000 ]; then
exit 1

# Yipes, if we get to 14000 we’re done, let’s go CRITITAL at 14000
if [ $CONNECTIONS -gt 14000 ]; then
exit 2

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