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Use Self Hosted Cloud Apps for Privacy

use self hosted cloud apps for privacy

We’ve all taken the cloud for granted. Thinking that companies cared about our data privacy and our personal privacy. We were wrong, so it’s time to use self hosted cloud apps for privacy.

Use Self Hosted Cloud Apps for Privacy

By know, we all are aware of that companies allow our private data and files to be scanned, ingested and searched. The companies listed below have all been listed in the news for providing information and files without any form of warrants or due process.

  • Facebook
  • Microsoft
  • Apple
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • DropBox
  • YouTube
  • AOL
  • Skype
  • Verizon
  • ATT
  • Sprint
  • etc….

This proves you can’t trust anyone, not your ISP, not your Operating System (OS), not your cell phone carrier, not your search engine.

NO ONE but yourself.

Now you know it’s time to host your own apps, but what apps are out there?

DropBox – I adored DropBox and their promises of “your data belongs to you”. The recent leaks showed they they are jumping on the PRISM bandwagon. Get rid of them and setup OwnCloud.

OwnCloud is not just as good as DropBox, it’s better. It has an extensible app framework and can integrate tons of apps. It syncs folders on my Mac, Linux and Windows workstations. It also has an Android and iPhone app.

Kudos to you OwnCloud. You can have almost unlimited storage space, using your own hard drives, instead of the puny 2Gb’s that DropBox gave you for “Free”. Yeah “Free” isn’t free if it costs your privacy!

RSS Readers (Google Reader, Feedly, etc) – We already know we can’t trust Google, so Google Reader is out. How can we trust anyone else to host our data? That includes you, Feedly and anyone else. Trust NO ONE!

Install TT-RSS reader (Tiny Tiny RSS Reader) on your Debian server., then imported your reader subscriptions from Google Reader, and cut that cord. It works great and guess what…. It too has an Android App.

Delicious and other bookmark sites: Download your stuff from Delicious and imported into Scuttle, setup on your own server.

EMail – Free email providers are selling us out. Get your own domain and host it yourself. I’m using a combination of DoveCot (IMAP), maildrop, SpamAssassin and ClamAV to handle my own mail.

I’ll be updating this site as I discover new applications and methods to bring my privacy back from the cloud.

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