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Windows 7 Telnet

OK, not a huge Windows fan, but Win 7 is ok… until you have to troubleshoot a network issue. I like to telnet to ports to see if they are open and if they answer (telnet 993). Windows always wants to pretend that it doesn’t have telnet and has never even heard of it (Lies I tell you). Here’s ...

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Windows folder sync to remote folder on linux

I always confess my love of Linux. All I need is some rsync and ssh and there’s nothing I can’t do. My wife runs Windows 7 and maintains our finances, so backups are important. I tried all the normal stuff like Robocopy and SyncToy, but both would do strange things when added to Taskscheduler.  I’m sure they work fine and ...

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Linux has rsync, Windows has….. robocopy?

 I love me some rsync, toss in some ssh and there’s nothing I can’t do. So imagine my frustration when I had to use my Windows 7 laptop to download a bunch of large files from a slow network share, across a VPN tunnel. After about the 4th try I was ready to snap. This lead to tons of searches ...

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