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Gamin with Courier Imap

I just wasted my entire day fighting an issue I thought was a courier-imap or courier-imap-ssl 4.10 authentication issue in Debian. It turns out it was a Gamin package error. If I killed the Gamin process I could temporarily log back in. My fix? Uninstall Gamin and then ‘apt-get autoremove’. This will likely remove all your imap packages too (good). ...

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My All-in-One home server

 One day not to long ago I realized that my sweltering office was heating the entire house. It was so bad that our basement, that used to be very cool and temperate had become a sauna. My family room is in the basement so everyone was suffering. I decided to assess what I had running and what I could combine ...

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Package management goodness Debian style

After being a RedHat user until about 2002, which is about the time of Redhat 7 or 8, I decided I didn’t want to play the RPM game any more. You know the game, “Dependencies, dependencies, Oh Gosh no, DEPENDENCIES!” Why must I download a bunch of stuff just to install an RPM, and heaven forbid you installed a package ...

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