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DD-WRT Universal Repeater for Atheros

dir-825 dd-wrt universal repeater atheros

Need a DD-WRT Universal Repeater for Atheros, to share a wireless signal to your wifi hosts? Here is how I got it to work on my Dlink DIR-825 (Dual Radio)

DD-WRT Universal Repeater for Atheros

I found plenty of DD-WRT Universal Repeater tutorials for Broadcom based routers, but what if you have an Atheros chipset?

The first thing you will notice in DD-WRT is that there is no setting for REPEATER. Yes the REPEATER mode is missing from Atheros based versions. Don’t let that make you fret. I got you covered.

DIR-825 Setup (or other Atheros routers)

The DIR-825 (versions B1, B2 or C1) have dual radios (a 2.4GHz and a 5GHz).

You’ll most likely want to use your 2.4 GHz atheros interface for the “Client” and the 5GHz to repeat the signal to your hosts, due to signal distances, unless the network you joining is a strong 5GHz only.

In Atheros chipsets, select Client on the interface you want to use (ath0, ath1, etc), to join the network you wish to share. If you have a single radio, create a virtual interface. Then use the main/Physical interface as the “Client”, and use the network you are joining as the SSID. If there is encryption, set that in the proper place under Wireless Security.

Your second interface will be configured as an “AP”, configure the SSID and wireless security appropriately for your hosts.

Here are some screenshots from my working DD-WRT Universal Repeater for Atheros – I used xfinitywifi for the screenshots, because that seems to be what everyone is trying to use. I used mine with another service.


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