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Droboshare Software

Need Droboshare software? I scoured the web and saved it for future use!

Droboshare Software

I have an old Drobo 4-bay and it uses a droboshare to put it on the network.  I’m one of those nerds who need to squeeze every ounce of use out of this technology that I can. I’ve run into dead ends and out of date documentation, so this is my spot, where I can keep it all. These Droboshare resources could come in handy for you too.

Droboshare Caveats:

Drobo Dashboard version 2 or higher, doesn’t support the Droboshare.The Drobo support site reports that the latest version of Drobo Dashboard, that supports the End of Life Droboshare, is version 1.8.4.

Version 1.8.4 works as expected on my Mac OS (Mavericks) workstation, but if it doesn’t work for you, you may want to try version 1.6.8 (below).

DroboDashboard version 1.6.8

I did have great luck with DroboDashboard version 1.6.8, good luck finding that….

Just kidding

Here are the direct links to Drobo.com (DataRobotics) support dir with the files:

I have also made these available via dropbox, because I know how things work, and these support links will eventually just disappear:

My copies (on DropBox.com)

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