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SYNC with MyFord Touch USB Black Screen or Crashes

my ford touch black screenGot an USB drive that seems to crash your SYNC with MyFord Touch. If you’re tired of the black screen or locked up controls, read on!

SYNC with MyFord Touch USB Black Screen or Crashes

If you have an USB drive that always seems to cause your SYNC with MyFord Touch car stereo to lock up, go totally blank screen or black screen then there may be an error on the USB drive. I checked mine in Linux, but that didn’t fix the issue.

The SYNC with MyFord Touch, is a Microsoft product. This led me to boot up my old Windows computer and run chkdsk on the drive (or Right Click on USB Drive > Properties>Tools>Check for errors) and it found “errors” on the drive and repaired them.

Magically the USB drive now works as expected in on the SYNC with MyFord Touch in my car. No more black screens or frozen controls.

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