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Add a Keyboard to Google Nexus 7 Android Tablet

I’m trying to replace my laptop with my Nexus 7, but it really needs a keyboard. As expected there are serious limitations to this concept. For example sometimes I need (or want) to type and post a quick article and my tablet just won’t cooperate. I had accepted this until I saw my buddy’s Microsoft Surface Tablet. It totally replaced his ...

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Requirements for my next cell phone

These are my requirements for my next cell phone: Gorilla Glass AmoLED display Custom ROMs available and the ability to flash the phone to remove the Carrier Bundled apps (Bloatware) that I don’t need or want. Take note of this Verizon: I do not want BING as my default search when Google is superior. I also do NOT want your ...

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Goodbye, iPhone. Hello, Droid!

After 2 years of bad cellular service and having to deal with a locked down cell phone platform and proprietary software to sync MY data, MY pictures and MY contacts, I decided it’s time to break free. I dumped the cellular carrier (ATT), paid my early termination fees for my service and my wife’s too, and headed over to Verizon ...

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